Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Winter camping - best videos

This is one of my favourite videos about winter camping.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

North face Furnace 20 review

North face Furnace 20 review

Here is a video review of the North face Furnace 20 .  I have been using this sleeping bag for the past couple of years and can say only good things about it.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

10 Items to Pack for Winter Camping

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Winter camping is as interesting as summer camp; spending the night in the snowy wild will be an amazing experience. However, there are lots of things to bring when planning for winter camping as the weather will be very cold. These are 10 items to pack for winter camping for your guide.

Excellent tent

The very first thing to bring is an excellent tent to keep you warm during the night. Winter camping tent is different from summer tent which has lots of ventilating. The commonly used tent for winter camping is the expedition style tent which has extra lines, sturdier fabrics and stronger poles. This type of tent can resist from strong wind in the winter condition. Another alternative of winter tent is the single-wall tent which are made from breathable and waterproof fabrics. Therefore, when using this tent, you do not need to a separate fly. The single-wall tent is easy to set up and extremely warm in cold weather.
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Warm sleeping bag

When it comes to winter camping, you should consider getting a high-quality sleeping bag. This sleeping bag will be responsible for your comfort and warm when you close your eyes and curl up in the tent. Therefore, it is important to get one with good quality so it can match the expected temperature. The measurement of the sleeping bag is just approximations of what you are expected.
Besides choosing the right quality which has expected temperature sleeping bag, the size of the sleeping bag is also mattered. You surely do not want the bigger one since it can spend most of space. However, it is important to feel comfortable and roomy during the sleeping time.
Another point to consider is the fabrics; you are given choices between natural down and synthetic fill sleeping bag. It is indeed a personal choice to choose which one the best; but you have to match with the climate. When you are visiting a place with wet winter, the synthetic fill will do better; while in dry winter like in Colorado, you will need the natural down.

Big jacket-coat

After having the right tent and sleeping bag, you will have nothing to worry at night. However, for your day-time activity, you will need a good quality jacket and coat. You can choose the jacket coat with fur nad hoodie to keep you warm when standing around. There are two types of jacket-coat material as the same as the sleeping bag. You can choose on according to your need.

Robust backpack

Camping in the winter time means to bring lots of stuff to stay alive. Therefore, you need to find a good quality giant backpack which can carry all your stuff include the sleeping bag. You will need a robust backpack which has one main compartment with lots of side pockets. The main compartment stores the sleeping bag, food and kitchenware. The outer pockets stores the tent and stuff, shovel, fuel stove, snacks, and water. Since the winter camping supplies are heavier and bulkier; it is better to have a backpack with a hip belt to help the body carry the heavy weight.

Powerful stove

The wind and cold weather can make the stove fail. The white gas stove can stop functioning if you do not clean it properly. Using dirty fuel can also make it gunked up. If you bring the canister stoves, you have to note that too cold weather can make them fail to function since the fuel vaporize. To prevent from stove failure, you should bring the most powerful and excellent quality of the stove. For alternatives, you can also bring two stoves with similar fuel just in case the one fail to function.

Bottle insulator

When you are camping on summer, bottle insulator may not be needed. However, keeping the water liquid when the temperature is below zero is not easy. Therefore, you need to bring a good bottle insulator. You can filled the bottle with boiling water whenever possible and store it upside down to prevent the cap from freezing. It is indeed difficult to keep the body hydrated during winter camp, but you have to make sure that you have done well for your body.

Right shoes

As important as a sleeping bag, shoes or boots will keep your feet warm and dry. The regular hiking boots or shoes cannot keep the feet warm when the weather gets colder and below freezing. Therefore, you should consider the Sorel boots for wet snow and mukluk-style boot if you are in a dry snow area.

Food supplies

For your convenience, you can bring the eat-boil-in bag frozen food instead of cooking your own meal from hydrated food. You can also bring lots of butter to keep you warm. The interesting fact is that the fat in butter can make your body warm. So, add a spoon of butter to your meal to enhance the flavors and keep your body warm.

Essential tools

Keep your compass, map, flashlight, lighter, and other basic gear in front of the backpack. Therefore, you will not have difficulty to take it when necessary.


As important as jacket and coat, layer clothing is essential when winter camping. You should choose clothes with warm material such as wool to help keeping the body warm.